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4 ways to style your home

When the time comes to sell, if you’ve got the budget to style your property, you might find that it can really help entice buyers.

Typically, buyers like to see a home that is fully furnished, as it helps them imagine themselves living there.

Here are 4 tips to effectively style your home:


No one likes a mess and having clutter everywhere is both unappealing and makes your home look a lot smaller. When trying to sell, less is more.

Be prepared to remove all but the most essential items when you start showing people through your home. Clean tables and benchtops look more appealing and can also make the property look newer.

Taking out large pieces of furniture and adding in some mirrors also add to the effect of making your home seem larger than it is.

Deep clean

While it goes without saying that you should clean your house prior to selling it, if you go the extra mile it can make a big difference. Consider hiring professionals to give your property a deep clean, including things like between tiles so that your home gets a fresh new look.

Even outside, you can do things like hire a pressure cleaner to go over your driveway while washing your roof can also make it look like new again.

Fresh paint

There might be no better thing you can do to sell your home than give it a fresh coat of paint. Not only will it look cleaner and brighter, but it can help make the home feel bigger as well.

Finishing touches

There are a number of small touches that you can make to really give your home a great finish.

Things like cushions on the chairs, or rugs and drapes in neutral colours add a lot to any room. A little bit of artwork on the walls makes the home feel warmer. Additionally, some well-positioned plants are always a nice touch and help it feel more relaxing and homely.