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Borrowers Keep Pace with Rising Costs and Mortgage Payments

Despite the economic challenges posed by rising inflation and interest rates over the last two years, the majority of borrowers have managed to keep up with their debt repayments, as noted in the latest Financial Stability Review by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).

The RBA highlights that households with lower incomes, including many renters, have been particularly hard-hit by these economic pressures. Since the initial rise in the cash rate in May 2022, most mortgage holders have seen their minimum scheduled payments increase by 30–60%. This surge in housing costs, coupled with widespread cost-of-living increases, has significantly strained the budgets of many families and dampened consumer sentiment.

Despite these challenges, borrowers have continued to make ends meet. The RBA reports that while housing and personal loan arrears have risen since late 2022, they are still below the levels seen before the pandemic. Additionally, a small but growing number of borrowers have sought and obtained temporary hardship arrangements from their lenders, which has helped keep arrears rates moderately lower than they might have been otherwise.

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